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The Story of this site may date back to 2017, where the author of this site, Amin Matola, felt a big gap in IT and programming sector. As a result, I decided to recruit others and train them, so as to expand different IT Skills around the world, and help in filling up the gaps in IT and Programming altogether.

Amin Matola (R2) - The Founder Of This Site With Silicon Valley Crew

To achieve this, I had to undergo different options, from simple blogging, whatsapp groups and finally Web/Online classes.
To make this efficient and easy, I try to include, in this site, every resource, or detail, that I see necessary and required for a person to become a python programmer.
with examples provided, I belief learners will get familiar with python syntax, the more they see the code, the better. The example code provided in this site are working examples, and most of which, I was, by the time of this writing, running them on the console.

I have been helping people in person, during their journey with programming and even with school problems.
As a result, I came to realize that working with, or assisting others is a successful method to build myself on a said field, be it Network, Programming or Hardware altogether.
And to maximize this concept, I came up with this site, So as everyone around the world can access my content! In fact, I decided to come up with this site, following a request from some indian friends. Apart from programming, I also provide wide range of computer and code related support to, especially students.

Are you feeling like wanting to speak to me? or do you have any word with the services provided in this site?
That's totally welcome! Please feel free to contact me by clicking one of the options on below buttons. I am always available in Chilomoni, Blantre city, Malawi, every hour of the day.

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