Comprehensive Python

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Python datatypes Questions


SECTION A: Multiple Choice (40 Marks)

: define a variable
Is a collection of items, separated by commas, enclosed in square brackets
Is a container for holding data
I'm not sure

: I have ['Bananas', 'Onions', 'Oil'] for my shopping, what name is given to such collection?

: My name is Amin, and my Surname is Matola; which one is a suitable collection:
person = ['Amin', 'Matola']
person = 'Amin Matola'
person = {'Name': 'Amin', 'Surname': 'Matola'}

: The following is a best example of a python Tuple
{'Name': 'Amin', 'Surname': 'Matola'}
['Amin', 'Matola'}
('Amin', 'Matola')

: The following python Code will print "Hello world!" to a python console.
>>> console.log("Hello world")
>>> Print("Hello world!")
>>> print("Hello world!")

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